Sildenafil United Kingdom

Since 2010 The British men are in luck. At least those who suffer their erectile dysfunction in silence, who from yesterday can buy Viagra at half price and without telling the GP. This is an initiative of Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain. They will charge less than half that Boots pharmacies. They sell four pills for 55 pounds. At Tesco you can buy eight for just 52.


  • Sildenafil 50mg x 8: £2.91
  • Viagra 50mg x 8: £51.80


  • Sildenafil 50mg x 8: £20.00
  • Viagra 50mg x 8: £57.43

Sildenafil United KingdomActually, this is a very relative bargain: with prescription eight Viagra pills can be purchased for only 48 pounds. But many Brits prefer to pay a little more and avoid the doctor’s uncomfortable questions. It was clear when Boots started to market the blue pill last year and has been corroborated by the new Tesco offer, which came into effect yesterday in 300 supermarkets in the UK.

But that does not mean you can buy Viagra at Tesco as you buy croissants, yogurts or orange juice. The buyer will undergo tests of cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure. And you should answer a comprehensive questionnaire about your health habits. To make matters worse, you can not buy more than one bottle of eight pills and can not be less than 40 years and not more than 65.

“Once we know that men have no health problems, we will discuss the options and sell them the most appropriate treatment,” said Shona Scott, a commercial director at Tesco and a promoter of the project.

According to recent studies, 22% of 40-year-old British males suffer from erectile dysfunction and 49% of British over 70. The UK can boast is the birthplace of Viagra. It happened in the southern village of Sandwich and by mistake. When scientists at the multinational pharmaceutical Pfizer tried a drug to prevent angina.

Is buying Sildenafil online cheaper?

At the time that most of the information about widespread availability of Viagra was published, it was still legally unavailable for purchase online. This has changed, however, with several online pharmacies, now able to offer Viagra or the Generic Sildenafil.

The frequency with which these effects occur when the drug is consumed can not be quantified until now.These symptoms are not considered serious, but patients should always tell their doctor if any of the side effects occur.

What are the rare side effects of Viagra (Sildenafil)?

The likelihood of experiencing dangerous side effects of Viagra is significantly low. The following side effects of Viagra can occur in 1 in 1000 patients:

  • Heart attack
  • Fainting
  • Nasal haemorrhages
  • Increased or decreased blood pressure
  • Priapism (continuous erection)

Sensorineural hearing loss (sensorineural deafness)

There is evidence that PDE-5 inhibitors can induce sensorineural hearing loss through plausible physiological mechanisms. Studies by researchers at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, Charing Cross Hospital and Royal Marsden Hospital in London have found 47 cases of hearing loss associated with drug use. Two-thirds of the cases will occur within 24 hours of taking the medicine.

The condition has several causes, including infections, head trauma or the use of certain medications. In all, complaints of hearing loss linked to Viagra are extremely rare, however it is important to note that if the patient suffers some symptom of hearing loss, seek medical attention immediately.

All of the side effects of Viagra mentioned above do not include all the side effects observed by Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company responsible for the manufacture of Viagra. Each medicine is accompanied by the package leaflet where you explain but thoroughly the risk of side effects of Viagra and precautions to take to prevent them. For added peace of mind, it is advised to consult your doctor to make sure the medicine is suitable for you.

Side Effects of Viagra (Sildenafil)

The main disadvantage of prescription medicines like Viagra (Sildenafil) is the risk of suffering side effects.For this reason, it is recommended that all patients read the Viagra label and do not exceed the recommended dose. See here the possible side effects that Viagra can cause, and how to avoid them.

What are the possible side effects caused by Viagra (Sildenafil)?

The side effects of Viagra are not very common, and like the effects of all prescription drugs, they affect patients differently. Fortunately, not all patients suffer from these effects, and for some patients these are only temporary. In case the side effects of Viagra become uncomfortable or persist, it is recommended that you consult your doctor for other therapeutic options or a dose change.

See below for a list of possible side effects caused by Viagra.

Common side effectsOccasional side effectsRare side effects
DizzinessSkin rashesNasal bleeding
IndigestionMuscle achesFainting
Nasal congestionTiredness or drowsinessLow or high blood pressure (hypertension)
Visual disturbances such as blurred vision, or bluish visionNausea and vomitingSensorineural hearing loss

What are the most common side effects of Viagra (Sildenafil)?

The most common effects of using this medication for erectile dysfunction are headaches, which can occur in 1 in 10 patients. Not all the side effects of Viagra are so common. The common side effects listed in the table above only affect about 1 in 100 patients.