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Understanding Diabetes Co-Happening Killers Look At It This Way…..

Diabetes is the Tip of the Ice Berg of What’s Happening to You. It is the First Warning, Second if You Were Obese First.
Dealing with diabetes symptoms is like dealing with the smoker’s cough while you keep smoking, meanwhile, unknown to you emphysema, and/or a heart attack or lung cancer is underway, etc., and soon kills you.

So your doctor would say “take these control your cough pills and try to smoke a little less.”

Meantime smoking-related killers progress so the medical society here would in similar circumstances here help you by giving you stronger pills and then when you have ruined your over-driven pancreas, insulin shots for life.

Medical Society Does NOT do this to you anymore with smoking but you buy it with diabetes. Took 25 years of double talk from the medical society about smoking before the public finally caught on. Millions died unknowingly. The public has not yet wised up about diabetes and this is still happening.
This is the same unaware public with diabetes unless you stop dealing with symptoms and get at it and 100% stop doing what was the cause, your diabetes and other things happening to develop at the same time ONLY progress, to the next stage, NEVER get better. They tell you your life expectancy has been reduced by 15 years.

Under standard accepted medical care which only deals with symptoms and you continue with the standard diet that is the cause, then the 15 years shortened life expectancy is likely to happen and to be expected.

You do not have to opt for that route, of diabetic progression, that is purely voluntary.

Here is what got you here. You probably understand perfectly that your body never was made for smoking or alcohol, both inventions of man.

You likely think that sugar and flour are natural and you must have been made for them. You understand cocaine is natural and is refined, and you were not made for that. Sugar is refined and sugar was very scarce naturally. So you were made to handle a little bit of sugar mixed in with a whole lot of fiber that took digesting to get out.

You were even made to handle a little bit of fructose daily, about a fifth of what the average American is eating today. More than that, remember your body was made to handle only a small amount, get past that your body is overwhelmed.

As of today, the average American is eating like 80% of input, substances you were not designed to handle and you have no software for coping with it.

Up to 80% of your diet is a pure gamble.

As a young person you were able to in most cases make some adaptations to handle it and get by, You might have had associated health problems but you were surviving.

One of the survival tricks your body used to get by these not made to handle input problems was to dump uncontrollable peaks of high sugar for example off into your young muscle mass. Then handle it and process it over some time.

The reason diabetes is called adult-onset is because it usually develops as you get older and start to lose muscle mass after 30. By 50, many have already had diabetes for five or more years and never knew it.

Now you think you have only lost the ability to handle sugar and the resulting insulin that tries to control sugar and does the set up for other ailments coming down the pike.

You have lost other abilities such as making enzymes and other changes with age so that you are now in a position where you have trouble handling most everything you were not made to handle.

You can take months figuring out what you might be able to handle and what not,

The only way to get on the recovery life expectancy quickly and sure is to get off everything you were not made to handle.

Started out researching diabetes to save my own life and within about 30 books and a year’s worth of studies, it was already apparent diabetes was just a small part of what was happening and the other was much more likely to kill me early.

Therefore, people get interested when they get a wake-up call with diabetes, and many think they are going to go to the highest-priced, most expert doctor they can find, get the very latest miracle drugs, and beat the system.
Two government studies confirmed what researchers like myself had known for years, this confirmed, those even on the very latest drugs and followed doctors’ orders precisely, lowered their blood sugar the most. Died earliest.

The government held off for two years the figures that showed the people in the study (over 10,000 people in test) not on any medication with the highest blood sugar, literally no treatment and no drugs, lived longest.

They had developed a way of handling diabetes in the thirties for type two, before the development of insulin that worked.
Then along came insulin for type one diabetics, patients that cannot take their insulin. Man-made insulin rescued them.

Then they got the idea that type two diabetics could continue to eat the diet that was killing them if they took extra insulin shots to counter it.

That killed you off early, they noticed so they tried to do it with drugs because that is fast, get patients out of the office, and believable and the drug companies are very reassuring.

Many, researchers and even many medical experts have been telling diabetics for years that the medical association and diabetes association treatment for diabetes was just short of a crime.

Like 300 million dollars of government studies that were set up and only allowed to proceed because they were set up to prove once and for all that the new drugs were controlling diabetes and doing a wonderful job.

All studies on the subject of the standard medical treatment had been squelched for years. But this was going to promote their wonderful new diabetic drugs.

This first study originally set to show how wonderful successful the new drugs were, proved the opposite, industry responded, said it was a faulty study, and could not be true.

Eventually, this first study was run again years later with even more rigid controls and again, proved the same thing the first study proved, those on prescriptions again were dying so much earlier they had to stop the second study after three years just like the first because it wasn’t fair to let those on the drug study die that much earlier.

The general public has been dying years early by the millions on these same drugs and no one does a thing,

The billions of dollars drug industry swooped in to kill that information and cloud the issue.

Australian and other government studies have since confirmed the U.S. government figures, also and you won’t hear about any of the other worldwide confirming studies either.

Media dependant on big drug companies for ad dollars, have gotten the message you run only releases that say any such studies are not true, drugs are still the answer.

So here we are back with updates on handling diabetes with what works and puts an end to most associated problems, but like the smoker, if you won’t quit, there is not much to talk about.

Next, the question becomes “how much of what can I get away with and keep up my old ways and just die a little earlier, a trade-off.

Let me just say, there are a lot of people that will take your money, reassuring you that you can get away with something because they know that sells, that’s what you will pay big dollars to hear.

There are two paths, end the high blood sugar problem and foods you can no longer handle and do what’s necessary or try and live with it here on out, or continue doing what you just spent fifty years getting away with.

Most appear to decide it worked for fifty years; I don’t want to change now. Do the best we can with what was.

Those that decided otherwise to do what’s necessary to adopt, we are trying to guide and help, but have not found a way to support our efforts financially without our newspaper distribution.

Most are aware we are in a 2 million dollar lawsuit with the state of Missouri, after 18 years distributing in Missouri rest areas, (and five other states) Missouri DOT seizing without notice, (March 15, 2011,) over about 200 of our newspaper machines, thousands of newspapers and three months of our cash receipts. Still hold all.

We expect a general direction federal court ruling by July and even if we wind up on the winning side, then or something scheduled later, they can appeal which can take another two years.

Could be fairly soon settled or could be a while, nothing certain. Optimistic, we do our legal work. (cannot afford an attorney) We have won several previously over the 40 years and this is the best clear-cut case we have ever had over first amendment newspaper distribution rights.

If interested in that story you can read about it on we even have some of the court papers on site.

The last issue we ran information we thought you should know about the “fracking oil and gas boom, that we researched, Now have 16 web sites on the subject, start with
In case you remember that… the last issue
Fracking has turned a natural gas import at a high of $15.00 a thousand in five years to currently $2.00. so much gas they are almost giving it away and set up the export.

North Dakota with fracking is now beating out California, and Alaska in oil production, has 3% unemployment, 17,000 jobs unfilled, mostly high school education salaries $80,000 to $100,000. Fracking is underway and will be happening in 34 states, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wyoming, Ohio, well underway. Radical environmentalists are trying to get it halted, We are trying to raise money to advertise and promote our side of the Fracking Boom and our 15 other full information on the Fracking Boom and Why People Need to know the truth to stave off radical activists getting more shut down. They already have gotten Federal land, *by Obama, where 70% of the shale is withdrawn from drilling and pipelines stopped to carry oil from ND shale to refineries on the gulf.


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