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What Has Worked Since the Thirties to Fix Diabetes

Diabetes and/or Obesity and/or Degenerative Killer Diseases
Get these mistaken ideas out of your head…
You have been sold on you that have all these defective things wrong with your body….

And you have doctored all your life for something you were sentenced with or you picked up…. etc.

You Won’t Believe It…but…
You almost certainly Inherited a model body made with an almost perfect Survival System.

Your model body was made to face what 2 million years of ancestors before you faced and survived….. almost perfect ability to do that……

The only thing is you throw stuff at your body and lifestyle, up to 80% of your model body was NEVER designed to handle………….
Your body can make you a survivor of almost everything nature can throw at you – that your ancestors had in their world.

But your body can not even handle fully and easily even a fraction of what you are today throwing at it nonchalantly, and say it is having all these problems, I must have inherited “bad genes”.

It Does Not Make Mistakes –


When you throw stuff at it that is not on its program of defenses, you throw new stuff at it that your model body has no software to handle.

It accumulates DAMAGE From Modern Man Input.


Let’s take smoking…… Your ancestors were never smokers so your ancestors never spent thousands of generations developing immunity to smoking. So no survival method of coping with smoking.

You can smoke, but be aware your body has no defensive tools to handle it.

The koala bear is made to and lives only on Eucalyptus leaves -. sits in a tree all days eating those, putting him in a zoo, and feeding him alfalfa and carrots, he will be dead in weeks. He was never made to eat those.

The Panda bear is made to and lives only on Bamboo shoots – Feed them anything else and they DIE EARLY –

Dogs and cats are made primarily to eat meat, they are carnivorous and made to eat raw food with live enzymes.

Look at what you are feeding them……

Read the label… High temperature cooked to mush, that lists as the normal number one ingredient Corn or some other government-subsidized grain.

Your dog and cat were not made to eat grain. Zero grain.

That’s okay, you say, the second ingredient is cooked at high temperature to mush Chicken by-products. That’s good you think.

Chicken by-products are chicken beaks, chicken feet, chicken feathers, chicken guts including what was in them.

You can go down the list, you will find gluten, and a zillion chemicals your dog or cat were never made to eat.

Enough of that, but want you to understand why your pet dies young and winds up at the vet a lot. No matter how much you pay for it, if cooked and is not live meat your pet is being short-changed on health.

Human Beings Were Made for a Diet adapted over hundreds of thousands of years.

Like animals, Feed man anything not on the adopted list, it damages your system. JUST LIKE THE KOALA AND PANDA lead to early death.

or your cat and dog…… I point this out because you can likely start to see this a little bit when I tell you over and over,

it is most likely, never was anything ever defective about you, your body became defective and developed problems because of what you did to your body, just like you did to your dog and cat.

Likely 85% of what goes in your body today it WAS NEVER DESIGNED FOR – (Try feeding the Koala or Panda 85% of what not designed for. Watch how many illnesses they develop. Damage accumulates and they just like you will DIE EARLY


Tobacco and smoking (example lung and artery irreversible damage

Distilled Alcohol – (not invented until 400 AD)

-Liver damage etc. irreversible.

-Refined Sugar – Steel Milled Flour – Insulin Resistance non-reversible etc. (diabetes) (obesity)

The Above 3 examples are all 3 addictive and you will die early because you are addicted and cannot (or will not) give them up. Sugar is technically considered more addictive than cocaine.

Yes, sugar is a natural substance. Indeed a Refined natural substance. So is Cocaine. Both are drugs, both are addictive.

Refined Sugar in powdered white form was imported to Europe and only the rich and influential could afford it. To Be fat was to show you were wealthy. Only those who could afford to be hooked on high-priced sugar were fat, the poor were thin.

Sugar has now become so cheap (government-subsidized high fructose corn syrup) that it is used to sell and hype up and make all sorts of refined and junk food delicious, Irresistible and now since its the cheap mass-market now you have all the poor people fat, the only food they can afford and the only food in many neighborhoods the only food sold because it is high margin. Where the money is.

Some of the damage in the above is “irreversible,” but not all.

Dairy – Potatoes, Wheat and isolated glutens grain, Corn, Soy, Rice, tomatoes, Your Body has NO adaptation to handle these “lately” diet additions. It will consider many of these “foreign.” Substances, a threat to your survival and will mount a massive defense against them (different ones in different people) and the degenerative diseases (so-called) INFLAMMATION, that causes, inadvertently eventually kills you

Most of all; Man Made: oils – Fats

Examples corn oil – margarine, trans fat, sugars:

Example high fructose corn syrup. Flavor enhancing – example MSG – (monosodium glutamate)

Coloring Flavors, pesticides, cleaning solvents, mercury, hormones, etc.

Chemical Drugs – across the counter and prescription – ALL have side effects on the body, most effects unknown

May Be The BIGGEST KILLER of all –

The 20 to 1 Wrong Fat Ratio

This occurs almost exclusively in the US, Now 46th – in life expectancy in industrialized nations.

This Wrong Fat Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio is likely one of the biggest leading to premature death in the United States and the public is almost totally unaware of this.

Reason: Factory-raised animals. stuffed with grain, (made to eat grass, etc, not grain)(corn is subsidized and stuffed, forced fed to animals never made to eat this stuff.)

Those grain-fed animals if taken as a calf from grass raised, and fatten on corn, in 120 days they go from mostly an Omega 3 fats animal to an almost exclusively Omega 6 fats, the kind you were made to handle only a small amount.

This happens primarily in the United States, the rest of the world much of their meats are traditional grass raised as they have a body designed for.

This also happens with eggs and other animals derived food values and happens mostly in the U.S.

The US government corn subsidies make grain so cheap 95% of American meat and eggs have been switched from range (grass) raised to confined indoor for factory chemical, hormones, and corn force-fed animals.

Result – Meat and eggs only in the US are Omega 6 fats are now 20 to 1, to Omega 3. A man was made to operate on 1 Omega 3 to 1 Omega 6 fat ratio – Result – US health DISASTER – (this extreme fat ratio change has developed over the last 30 years solely due to the US government corn subsidy.)

Chemical drug input is likely the biggest killer contributor. Colorings, Flavorings, Taste enhancing chemicals. Prescriptions, across-the-counter drugs, preservatives, etc.

High fructose corn syrup (government-subsidized,) (25 cents a pound added to everything, even hamburger as filler)number one hazard for diabetics. This is NOT handled like regular sugar. It does not go directly into your bloodstream in a rush, it has to go thru liver processing which is another long story you do not want to go there. Most of it you eat you are unaware you ate it. It does almost the same thing to your liver alcohol does in your liver. The belly fat you get is the same as the beer belly you get from beer.

How To Add Back and Make 15 Great Years When You Figure out What is Causing a Problem,

Simple Solution to Fix the Problem –

Simply STOP doing what is causing it.
The difference here….medical treatment is they tell you that you can keep right on, as usual, just take these handy pills and you will be fine. You like to heat that.

Here you KNOW what is causing your health problem and self-destruction. (if not sure we will refer you to backing research, studies, articles, etc?)

We hit you over the head with this, because we are not going to be there to help you out. This is 100% your life project. You cannot hire it done.

To keep doing the same thing and keep expecting a different result is the definition of “Insanity”. We tell you that every minute or bytes count. Do not wait another day. CHANGE.

We are aware that like the rest of us former modern food addicts, what you have been doing recently and what you have been doing for likely fifty years and you will find it almost impossible to stop. That’s another whole story and we take that up under addiction. not our subject here today.

The biggest problem here is that after a few months your health is going so well and much improved that you think since your life and health is so back to normal you should be able to just go off this for a short bit and enjoy the old life for a bit. You are sure you have everything under control.

You may have your health under control but like the alcoholic, you are on the new regimen of a healthy diet for life. Decide that right off, this is for life. This is a commitment to you, no one else.

You understand, if you are a smoker, that quitting now will not undo the damage accumulation that has already happened. (your body may recoup some of the damage, but not all).

If you have been on refined sugar – steel milled flour diet for years (or life), you have already accumulated “damage” and quitting now will not undo all of the damage, but can put a halt on further progression. If you have been on gluten, dairy and other “Modern” man diets you likely have prevented full absorption of many nutrients and you are likely suffering from illnesses resulting from nutrient deficiency. As a result, you will see a change in your overall health you never expected.

Any of the Modern Man Diet or chemicals such as prescriptions can set of Silent Inflammation, ( your body attacking some substances something trying to make you a “survivor”).

This Inflammation is the Key to “degenerative diseases” that cause you “to Self Destruct”. (82% of deaths in the US) the main inflammation cause will be sugar and high insulin resulting. STOP ALL “MODERN” INPUT – IMMEDIATELY –

(eat all you want, no starving – just input only what your body is designed for – range raised meats, etc.)

The trick here is to learn what you were designed for. We call it your ancestors diet, what your particular ancestors likely ate 1,000 years ago.

Once on it …..

Within weeks your body will:

Lower your triglycerides

Lessen or eliminate aches or pains

Start losing – several pounds weekly

Lower your blood pressure

Stop hardening of your arteries and improve mental abilities

Double your energy

Lower your cholesterol if your body thinks or up it if thinks that’s needed and appropriate

Lower your blood sugar

Lower your damaging insulin levels

Your body fat will disappear automatically without you making an effort and without working at it.

On the road to adding back 15 to 20 years, and they need not be “junk” years like the last five years of under medical treatment “chemical survival” that many of your friends have opted for.

This extra added back 15 years can be the greatest years of your life. Harvest time.


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