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Diabetic Success Formula, Stop Doing What Is Causing It.

This Is Switching Off What Your Body Can No Longer Handle or Tolerate That You Were Not Made For.
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Medical treatment: Keep doing what you always did, take your pills you will be fine (for a short time, it will progress, we will give you stronger and stronger medication as it progresses to twice a day insulin shots, for life, we will take care of you.)

Take charge yourself (Dealing with) solely the cause.

It is stop taking drugs…when you quickly get your diabetes under control.

Pledge….. to yourself this is worth whatever effort it will require.

Items you need local at your local grocery are standard spice, powdered Cinnamon.

Tumeric, or Cumin one or the other. Hershey Special Dark Chocolate, 100%.

Find a good source of 100% yogurt, no additives, full fat, preferably 12% to 20% fat.

Learn to make your own, half the price, buy half and half, can find some stores that have almost no higher price than whole milk. I prefer 2/3 half and half, 1/3 whole milk.
Health type grocery, bulk psyllium (same as Metamucil, but has no sugar added and about 10% the price.)

One or some so all these: A little goes a long way.

Chia, Quina, Amaranth,

Buy some in bulk if you can find it otherwise some come in a sealed package, more expensive.

We do not do a cookbook.
No reading labels…..

If it has a label, it is processed, do not buy it.

If it won’t mold, rot or spoil, don’t buy it.

Refer to our pyramid or plate for a shopping list.

If you like pancakes, buy buckwheat, which is not wheat, is not even a grain. It is a flower seed.

Positively off-list High Fructose corn syrup added to nearly everything, often unlabeled. Grocery stores even add it to hamburgers, ( it is 25 cents a pound and makes the hamburger weigh more at $2.00 a pound.) Ketchup has only high fructose corn syrup. More than ice cream.

Nothing with vegetable fat or oil, corn oil, margarine, Crisco, etc.

No trans fat, (hydrogenated fat) tough on heart attacks, almost impossible to eat at any U.S. chain restaurant, and not be overwhelmed with transfat. Illegal in New York City etc.

Used to prepare meals in the factory two weeks in advance in chain restaurants and trucked in. To make up for old taste they add MSG. (never eat anything with MSG added.) Almost all fast food is loaded with it, which is why “Junk” tastes so good and you keep going back.

MSG is NOT a flavor enhancer, it chemically tricks your sense of taste, and even the pizza box tastes good. Chemical is bad news for you. Avoid Totally.

No counting carbs, Only carbs you are eating are in veggies.

Grocery buying habits require a major change. All the high margin sugared processed junk is in high traffic middle aisles and shelves of supermarkets. What you are interested in is usually in far back and outside border walls. Low or top shelves.

Knowledge is power…. the more you know about all this the better and you will stick with it because you know the why and the benefits of sticking to it.

We overtime try to give you the background and reason for most of these changes in a way you will understand. If not yet seen that, you will, meantime, have faith in us we have no reason to steer you wrong.

Believe me, we add nothing that is not pretty well established for some time including by ourselves. If brand new and all not in on it yet we tell you. We have been doing some new things for a year we have not even told you about yet. Waiting for more studies etc.

My usefulness as a human lab test rat is now limited because I have long had little sugar or insulin to control. All under control so if add something new that works wonderfully well, I won’t know. Not much to improve. Consequently, I have to rely more on others who have been acting as human lab rats you might say.

The prescription drugs that come out are tested on patients and the average charge of problem enough for the FDA to withdraw a prescription drug for diabetes is about 50,000 reported deaths.

All supplements seem to be very long tested and listed with no side effects before we pass them on.

Have read over 3,000 studies now on chocolate, and have yet to find one with any downer side effects.

We consider dark chocolate a supplement. It beats all prescription drugs for lowering blood pressure. It beats the best anti-oxidant foods like blueberries by 5 times.

Remember, six-hour life, even a quarter teaspoon has significant results. Stops tooth decay bacteria 100%. *yes it lowers blood sugar, according to studies. Fixes all sorts of things, read our free online book on dark chocolate. You will find lots of things to add it to. We even add it to pemmican and our fiber mix.

Not all grocery supermarkets carry Hershey’s special dark. Regular 100% chocolate okay. takes twice as much.

A recent article lists Hershey’s web address product locator, give them your zip will tell you nearest grocery stocking it.

100% chocolate is bitter. Dutch-processed with alkali loses some of the potency of dark chocolate but makes it less bitter.

Special Dark is a blend of half dutch, half not. So it has some bitterness but the one half is untouched so fully potent.

One of the things you are doing with this menu and lifestyle switch is you are controlling sugar and this means you have put a stop to further diabetic complications.

You must stop complications…because that is what makes an invalid out of you.

Most of the degenerative diseases we are telling you about that you are stopping with the same fix, are what will kill you early if not fixed.

You can do all of this free of stress… No harmful drug side effects. Remember, this will all mostly feel odd and uncomfortable for some time, and you will for 21 days keep asking yourself, Do I want to keep doing this?

After 21 days you will not only see some results, you will thereafter 21 days (*new habit) feel like it is more a normal okay way of life. Learn Menu Switch which is mainly staying off the NO list. Make it a new lifestyle. You need not, for now, get involved in any unusual exhausting exercise that is new, we will give you some helpful ones later.

Now concentrate on input and try to get in 10,000 steps a day. Get a ten-dollar pedometer at the sporting goods store. Will keep the score for you. More on this next issue.

Remember prescription drugs simply mask symptoms. Like taking pills to cut the cough and keep right on smoking.

What you are doing is fixing the cause. You have 100% quit what your body can no longer handle. Some of the things you have quit, you might still be able to get away with.

But the tests and time are not on your list, Like the smoker, you might find some brand or version you won’t cough so much.

End it, quit all.

Your medical medication option *if you live long enough, remember always winds up with sticking yourself with needles for insulin shots twice a day.

Diabetics lose eyesight every day while on medication, diabetics get painful bad they cannot sleep while on medication, ( I was one).

So when you look at the alternative here you have to be into this maybe before you will pay attention, but then it is often too late. No or little ability to go back. I did overcome neuropathy which they say cannot be done.

Remember if you have tried everything for weight, this is healthy weight…automatically with no energetic, no exhaustive exercise… as an absolute part..helpful but not essential.
Quit sweating the weight….fix diabetes, the weight will fall off.

I used to spend $85 a month… on medications… I spend about $50 on vitamins, supplements spices, and dark chocolate. Before, with medications, I was treating diabetes.
Now I am fixing all the silent killers.


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