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How To Fix Declining Mental Ability’s

How To Fix Declining Mental Ability’s
Understand What Causes Mental Decline as You Age, Compensate.
You may be worried about memory loss and notice you are getting more and more into a Brain “fog”?

Do you have Forgetfulness?

Just seem like you cannot concentrate anymore?

They used to call it the hardening of the arteries. Now referred to as hypertension and high blood pressure resulting from your arteries losing their elasticity.

A diabetic already has circulation problems from soupy thick blood thickened up with sugar and has often developed neuropathy.

Foot nerve damage and usually painful.

Nerves dying from poor sugar choked circulation, potential eyesight problems from lack of circulation to the eyes. Both with tiny blood vessels.

Therefore, you want low blood sugar and thin blood and be able to open up your tight hardening arteries, and particularly your brain arteries are affected by age.

Foods to Eat to Help Retain Cognitive Ability
The more salt you eat the more potassium you need. Have not personally used this but experts recommend natural “Coconut water”, a cup a day, which is low glycemic and potassium-rich, and can be added to most anything. We recommend strongly at least one tablespoon daily of coconut oil, like on your salad, etc. … Reports are several people with Alzheimer’s have reversed the progression with a tablespoon or two a day of coconut oil.

Blueberries are a well-known very high antioxidant. Salmon is good for Omega 3’s but Sardines are even better. 2 or 3 servings of fish a week, but avoid all farmed fish. Even shrimp and other seafood are now farmed and many are imported from Asia, grown in deplorable polluted conditions.

Walnuts are at the top of the list for Omega 3 fats, and vitamin E. Studies show daily eaters have less than half the number of heart attacks. Macadamia nuts next, and almonds are helpful too. All improve the old thinker.

Green tea comes up with a whole list of benefits but helps for the brain cells number one reason for two cups a day. To double the green tea benefit, (Add 1/4 teaspoon of dark chocolate) see below.

You need two supplements, one or another of Turmeric or Cumin. This is all tied up with Curry and those on it do much better on mental tests. Spice is used extensively in India where Alzheimer’s insignificant.

Astaxanthin is the new supplement on the block and is so potent it outshines almost everything except dark chocolate. All the studies are not in yet but studies show potent for mental help and look like going to be a big all-around winner for diabetics. Like Turmeric, relatively inexpensive. Avoid synthetic.

Keep in mind 30 minutes in the daily sun tends to naturally open up your pipes. Counters the brain being starved due to poor circulation. So add this to your retaining mental abilities regimen.

The likely best supplement to help stave off Alzheimer’s is Nancinamide, relatively inexpensive, take 500 mg twice a day…

Studies show improves your odds of not winding up with Alzheimer’s, so be sure this plus Astaxanthin, Dark Chocolate, and Turmeric are on your list.

“The goal here is to retain a good memory, sort of a project to re-energize your brain to where you have a clear mental focus better concentration, and improved alertness.”

Your aging friends likely refer to this as “brain fog”…just forgetfulness… and what is often referred to as a “Senior moment.

If you want to deal with the truth, most people that wind up in a rest home do so because they are losing their cognitive (thinking) ability. Their brain is not dying; it is circulation to the brain that is dying.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are like neuropathy of the brain. It is often referred to as diabetes “type 3.”

When you relax your circulation plumbing and it opens up to allow more free circulation, your blood pressure goes down and circulation to your brain improves and your “cognitive ability” returns.

Studies show college students using dark chocolate before tests raised their grades one point.
Therefore, your blood pressure reading is as important or more important than your blood sugar reading because it indicates how much your plumbing is restricting vital circulation. Hardening up and restricting maximum blood flow.

Because of your blood pressure, that simple reading is telling you whether your circulation is restricted, or everything is flowing normally. Backpressure you might call it.

This is what your blood pressure reading is telling you, and when you have high blood sugar readings, and is telling you both are important that you immediately learn how to take steps to fix both of these contributors.

We tell you that you need to keep an eye on blood pressure…. and do everything you can to keep it low. We do a lot of articles on this and the newest findings to help you lower your blood pressure by opening up and/or relaxing you’re up-tight plumbing.
Do everything you can to relax and open up the pipes. Fix your blood sugar, that’s basic. Start with Dark chocolate, nothing else comes close to making as much difference as dark chocolate.

Over 3,000 studies on the effect say it works and best of all, no one says it has any bad side effects. There are many other foods and supplements we take up other issues.

No, this dark chocolate, this is not candy…… this is dark chocolate, no sugar no milk.
Regular chocolate works too, just takes twice as much. (no sugar, no milk) 100% chocolate. New studies are finding it takes very little to make a difference.

The most sensational thing about dark chocolate studies, nearly all have had a surprise. Those on the dark chocolate during many of the studies had 50% fewer deaths than those not on the dark chocolate.

They have in many studies, found that those on it, had a general overall 50% lower death rate, from all causes, while on it, which is just a sensational bonus. And one of the reasons this happens is it lowers your blood pressure significantly.

Dark chocolate has a six-hour half-life. This means you need a little dark chocolate every six hours to maintain the full effect of relaxing your pipes.

The cost of this therapy, we call it a supplement, 100% percent dark chocolate, is like four dollars or less a week. We use Hershey’s special dark chocolate and it is available at about half of the standard supermarkets nationwide, all can get it.


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